I'm an Research Scientist at the Space Science Institute's Center for Extrasolar planetary Systems. My main research interest is the development of machine learning applications to better extract information from astronomical data sets, especially in the puruit of exoplanet characterization. Having recently workd for the Space Telescope Science Institute as the Exoplanet and Machine Learning Support Scientist on the James Webb Space Telescope Mission, I developed anomaly detection algorithms for both spatially and temporally correlated anomaly signals. I strongly enjoy collaborating with scientists, engineers, and adminstrators on developing the best platform for exoplanet characterization from space telescopes. Moreover, I was the Deputy Project Manager for the Exoplanet Characterization Toolkit, and am still proud to collaborate with them to develop our "Proposal-to-Publication" Exoplanetary Science Engine


My full list of publications is available on ADS; but here are a few recent highlights:


The vast majority of my day-to-day work life is to develop python code for scientific and engineering data analysis. Almost all of it can be found at my Exowanderer Github page. I am particularly proud of these projects: